50 Days of Fabulous

Can you remember it? The waning moments when Holy Week flickered away in the light of the New Fire of Easter? For many of us, it seems so far away. After all, lots has happened. Children graduated, seasons changed, Boston reminded us of our fragility and how hard forgiveness really is.

Yes, life has gone forward, day by day, through the miracle of the Resurrection into this new space called Pentecost. In a few hours, the Holy Spirit will bring another New Fire.

Thank you all who have been part of this 50 Days of Fabulous – those who have shared their heart and soul in the reflections, those who have read faithfully, those who have shared on social media and with friends. Thank you. This was a wholly new thing from Forward Movement to help us continue the celebration of Easter.

We think it was a success.

So now, we take a break. Fear not. The amazing thing about the calendar of the Church is that it repeats. Tim Schenck and Scott Gunn are hard at work on the bracket for next year’s Lent Madness (and by hard at work we mean drinking coffee and jumping in a First Communion Bouncy House). The Celebrity Bloggers are reading up on saints. And the Fabulous Bloggers are observing life and making notes for next year’s 50 Days of Fabulous.

Thank you again. We’ll see you around the Vineyard.

8 thoughts on “50 Days of Fabulous

  1. Mater C

    And it was fabulous, too. Thanks very much – I have them saved for future reference

  2. Christopher

    Reading Fabulous 50 Days has been a joy for me. It has been a reflective time for me. I hope Forward continues to present programs such as this during the other church seasons.

  3. Laurie Atwater

    I have loved 50 Days! And shared it widely. Thank you so much for making Easter season FABULOUS!

  4. Verdery

    Thank you for letting the journey continue. Like Mater C, I’ve saved all the blogs and shared some of them with folks I know. Bless you all and “see” you next year!

  5. Yvonne Crane

    Thank you for 50 Days. It has been a wonderful way to study, pray, and reflect, as well as a way to “keep” the Easter season. Please find ways to celebrate other seasons.

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