I am with you always

“And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b)

On most evenings at bedtime, my daughter and I will snuggle in her bed. First, we say a little prayer. Next, we sing a song. Then I say: “I love you and good night.”

At this point, in order to put off sleep, my daughter will say: “I have to go to the bathroom.” Of course, we get up and go to the bathroom. After we return to her room, settle down in bed, she says: “I am thirsty.” Once again, we hop up, I get her water, and we return to bed.

Finally, I will attempt to leave, and she says: “Hold you.” What she means is she wants me to hug her, so I hold her and hug her and kiss her good night again. Usually, by this time, she falls asleep.

I think for her it is important that she knows that I will not leave her. Frankly, I think all of us want to know that we will not be left alone. Jesus reminds his followers, after his resurrection: “I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

We are not alone. We are loved and held. There may be night, and we might be fearful or restless, but we are never alone. Jesus is with us, and we can rest in his arms, surrounded by love.

-Mary Koppel

When have you felt the most alone? Did you reach out to anyone? Did anyone reach out to you? Perhaps you may want to call or write and send a note to that individual today and share your experience with them.

1 thought on “I am with you always

  1. Madeleine Baier

    Thanks for posting this. Probably the time I felt most alone was the 3 days and nights when I was literally on the streets following my abrupt departure from an abusive spouse.
    At the urging of a good friend, I swallowed my pride(not easy!)and sent an email to my rector at St. Andrew who, upon learning of my situation, practically begged me to let him help. St. Andrew’s paid for a hotel room for me until a bed became available at the local shelter.
    It was maybe my third night of trying to sleep in a band shell at the park, I remember looking at the stars and quietly asking, Lord, are you really there? Or did we just manufacture You so we wouldn’t feel so alone?
    While this time of transition was undoubtedly hard, I came to know that He was indeed with me through it all in a way that I probably would not have experienced otherwise. The great outpouring of love I received was an extraordinarily humbling/amazing thing.
    To follow up I have a place of my own, my life is a million times better and I owe and enormous debt of gratitude to all the friends and extended family who stood by me. Thank you one and all.
    And to God, to Him be the glory, now and always, Amen!!

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