50 Days!

We’re here – on the other side of 50 days of fabulous. We’ve celebrated the Resurrection, been asked questions, been offered insight and story from amazing writers, and we have been changed by our encounter with the Risen Christ.

Thank you for journeying with us, for reading the words and adding your own.

Thank you, especially, to the amazing writers (in no order other than they way I wrote them in my notebook): Megan Castellan, Maria Noletti Ross, Anna Fitch Courie, Adam Thomas, David Creech, David Sibley, Tim Schenck, Mary Wright Baylor, Maria Kane – and – the contributors from Forward Movement, Rachel Jones, Miriam McKenney, Jason Merritt, and Hugo Olaiz.

Thank you to many who have shared emails, comments, and in-person meetings about how much you appreciate Fifty Days of Fabulous and the ministry of Forward Movement.

Now we go forth, to love and serve the Lord.

Amen. Alleluia!


18 thoughts on “50 Days!

  1. Debby Stokes

    Thank you for the wonderful journey of fifty days in celebrating the risen Christ!!

  2. Harlie Youngblood

    Thank you, Laurie, and all the writers and responders of 50 Days. It is truly a blessing to have this site. It helps to keep us celebrating the Resurrection, not just for a day, but for a glorious season.
    God bless you all.

  3. Kathryn Decker

    Thank you for sharing with me a way to acknowledge and celebrate the 50 days of Easter.

  4. Pamela Payne

    Thank you for providing a space for encouragement, meditation and on-going involvement in the life “after the Resurrection” and beyond. Every morning of the 50 days I was in the company of thoughtful writers who offered insights and support to keep the Easter season a continuing celebration. Many thanks to you and the other writers for this blessing. And Thanks be to God!

  5. Kris Hatch

    This has been such a fresh look at the Easter season. Each entry has given me renewed insight to contemplate where Christ lives in life and soul.

    Thanks to all contributors for sharing your own soulful reflections.

  6. Nancy

    Thank you for all of the great articles. I really appreciated the thoughtful insights of each contributor. God bless you for sharing.

  7. Evelyn Kingsley sherry

    Thank you all for the prayerful thought that went into each meditation. I don;t want these daily moments of inspiration with you to stop. May the Lord convince you that you shoulf continue. I pray this in jesus name.Amen


    THANKS to each of the writers, for carrying us through Easter with enlightening, inspiring and sustaining messages!! I’ll miss you each day and look forward to next season’s commentaries, with thankful best wishes

  9. doris bowen

    I look forward to this wonderful experience every year. It never disappoints. Thanks to all of you for such an interesting and inspiring 50 days. See you next year- God willing. Peace.

  10. Beth

    Many thanks for 50 Days. It was a thought-provoking series which I shared with a number of people who were similarly appreciative.

  11. Kathy Kaczmarek

    I want to sincerely thank all those who contributed to make this project a reality… iy certainly kept me in the spirit pf the “FiftymDays”, and kept me focused upon the season and conversation with God…. Good Bless You!

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