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Video: Sufjan Stevens, “The Greatest Gift”

As we reach the halfway mark of Acts, and read about Committees, Councils, and Knowing Better, this week’s music video comes courtesy of Sufjan Stevens.

Lyrics for reflection:

Praise the mountain and the rain
All the gifts that still remain
But the greatest gift of all
And the law above all laws

Is to love your friends and lovers
To lay down your life for your brothers
As you abide in peace
So will your delight increase

Video: Kieran Goss and Beth Neilsen Chapman, “Sand and Water”

As we continue to reflect on Acts, and the nature of change, another musical reflection today, courtesy of Beth Neilsen Chapman and Kieran Goss.

Reflect: How does the lyric “Solid stone is just sand and water… and a million years gone by” speak to your sense of change?

Video: David Bowie, “Changes”

Monday’s post reflected on change in the Church, both in its early years and in our time. Today, we hear from David Bowie on the subject of change.

Reflect: Where have you experienced significant change in your personal faith and in your institutional faith? What changes do you think are on the horizon of the Church?