Video: David Bowie, “Changes”

Monday’s post reflected on change in the Church, both in its early years and in our time. Today, we hear from David Bowie on the subject of change.

Reflect: Where have you experienced significant change in your personal faith and in your institutional faith? What changes do you think are on the horizon of the Church?  


1 thought on “Video: David Bowie, “Changes”

  1. Peg S.

    As I take part in the reading of Acts, and at the same time take part in a newly-formed communication committee at church, I appreciate the consistent and unending need for change. Scrambling is part of the Jesus Movement tradition. What choice is there but to help each other, reach for the tools at hand, and try my best not be a gatekeeper, thrower-of-cold-water, or know-it-all? Dying is easy; change is hard.

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