In the Easter season, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, in which death is defeated, sin is conquered, and evil is vanquished. We get 50 whole days to celebrate the glory of Easter. And we need it. It’s not easy to grasp the mystery and majesty of what happened when Jesus walked out of the tomb on Easter morning.

On Good Friday, the powers of the world did their best to extinguish God’s perfect love. It looked like evil had won. But early on the morning of Easter, women found an empty tomb. They went and told others who were disciples of Jesus. The disciples saw that Jesus’s promises had come true. Before long, those followers of Jesus told others. And they told others. Soon thousands and thousands, and millions and millions, of people wanted to know the power of God’s transforming love in Jesus Christ.

The Easter season invites us to remember that Easter changes everything, not only for Jesus but for us and for the whole universe. In this bright, joyous season, we focus on Easter and its aftermath. We say more alleluias. We sing louder. We use lots of golden vestments, and we light the Paschal Candle, towering over all the other candles, to symbolize Christ’s light in the world.

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About 2024

Our 2024 Easter journey is guided by Seth Reese and Stella Maria Baer, who live with their three children, two horses, two dogs, and five goats at Moon Horse Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Seth’s weekly reflections are inspired by Stella’s artwork, and will explore the cosmic and the terrestrial; how God speaks to us from the earth and the stars; the cycles of seasons, growth, and faith; and how our deep theological tradition can speak into our lives today.

More about Seth and Stella

Seth is the owner of Juniper Workshop, a web design and communications consulting company. He works with small businesses, artists, musicians, and churches and church organizations across the country, including Forward Movement and the Living Church. Prior to starting Juniper Workshop, Seth served as Communications Director at Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver, Colorado, the director of St. Hilda’s House—an Episcopal Service Corps site in New Haven, CT—and as a board member of the Episcopal Communicators. 

Stella Maria Baer is a painter and photographer whose work embodies the relationships between land, moon, and sky, flora and fauna, horses and human beings. In her painting practice she works in earth and mineral pigments, painting moons, planets, horses, mountains, and birds with dusts of dirt, rock, and stone. Her practice looks at the relationship between how we see women and how we treat land, between memory and cosmology, between grief and joy. Stella’s paintings and photographs have been featured by The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Scientific American, Architectural Digest, Sunset Magazine, Westword, and ArtNews. Her pieces are in public, private, and museum collections all over the world.