Just Another Form of Waking Up

May 24, 2022
50 Days
Several years ago, when I was in the process of writing my first book, my publisher and I wrestled with the final title. My book, a spiritual memoir about my journey into issues of justice and race, was at its core a book about waking up. Waking up to my own privilege as a white woman. Waking up to the reality my brothers and sisters of color, and certainly my own husband and sons, who identify as Black and mixed-race, face daily. Waking up to injustices long present all around me, even when my own eyes hadn’t yet been opened to see. But the last thing I wanted was to see the words “waking up” or “awakening” in the title or subtitle. Those words felt overdone, at least in the realm of books written by white people, for white people, when it came to issues of race. Although we came...
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