Of Babies and New Beds

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“In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

I bought a new bed for my daughter this week. They delivered it today. My hope is that tonight, my daughter will sleep in her own bed. My thinking was that if her bed is as comfortable as mine she will prefer to sleep there instead of in my bed with me. Also, if I have to stay in her room with her to get her to sleep I might as well be comfortable.

I am not sure how the experiment will work, but I hope that perhaps I will get more sleep tonight. Lord knows that I can use it. We have been struggling with her sleeping for about four weeks now.

When this struggle began, I felt so angry and frustrated. Each evening I would put her in her bed. In a matter of minutes, she would be up and running to my bedroom. Then, I would march her back to her room. The next two hours would involve tears, bribes, threats and cajoling that eventually ended with her snuggled in my bed, with my arm wrapped around her.

Why couldn’t she see that mommy is exhausted and needs sleep? Why must she be in my bed attached to my side like a band-aid? Then it occurred to me that perhaps right now she needs mommy to be attached to her like a band-aid.

She is holding on to me and wanting to be with me right now because she needs me to hold on to her and be with her. I also realize that soon enough she will not want me to hold her as much. So, maybe I can hold on to her a little more, make her a little more comfortable now, so that she will always know that I want to hold onto her too.

What is a kindness or love that you would like to receive? Who would you like to receive that kindness or love from? Are you able to speak with that person about that? Will you speak with them about that? What small kindness or love might that individual like to receive? Ask him or her what they might like and do it for them.

-Mary Koppel

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