Easter Is Coming!

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Your favorite 50 Days of Easter blog returns, offering daily meditations on the joyous season of Easter. Each day during Easter, author Louise Peters, a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, will explore themes of resurrection, joy, light, and life. We pray these brief meditations are a welcome companion on the 50 Days of Easter. Make sure you’re subscribed to the daily email — and share with all your friends! We wish you a blessed and joy-filled Easter!

Rejoice now, heavenly hosts and choirs of angels,
and let your trumpets shout Salvation
for the victory of our mighty King.

Rejoice and sing now, all the round earth,
bright with a glorious splendor,
for darkness has been vanquished by our eternal King.

Rejoice and be glad now, Mother Church,
and let your holy courts, in radiant light,
resound with the praises of your people.

—The Book of Common Prayer, p. 284


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