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“…and he went home wondering at what had happened.” Luke 24:12


That is such a great word. In it, we hear questions and curiosity, hope and possibility. It can lead to resolution and understanding, but these are open, not closed or finished.

Wonder begets wonder. Once a possibility is accepted, it opens the door to another.

Wonder is fractal.

Peter made his way home from the empty tomb wondering.

Wonder is the foundation of faith. Ask, explore, uncover. Revelation, as in the Book of Revelation, means to uncover. Wonder is the desire to know and the will to pursue.

Wonder expands. It can surprise, astound, or amaze, leaving one wanting for more.

Wonder is happy dissatisfaction.

As with many spiritual virtues, wonder is oxymoronic, both-and, paradoxical. Wondering is seeking and finding simultaneously, which leads to more seeking and finding.

Wonder is the way to the Divine.

Wonder is the way of resurrection.

Practice it. Feed your curiosity. As you make your way home, walk with astonishment.

Prayer: Holy One, fill me with questions and whet the appetite of my faith with wonder. Open my heart to experience the prayer of praise found in one word: WOW. In the name of the Risen One, Amen. Alleluia. Wow.

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