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Today is Holy Saturday, a day in the liturgical calendar that is skipped over in many places. Today we rest, a pause from the frenetic pace of Holy Week. But all is not quiet. This day we recall how Jesus descended into hell, bringing eternal life even to the dead.

Many churches are busy places today, as altar guilds and teams of laborers prepare our churches for beautiful celebrations of Easter. There are flowers to arrange, hangings to change, musical offerings to practice, sermons to finish, and cleaning to be done. And, we hope, there is also some rest, some time to reflect on this moment in our liturgical life when we really ponder the death of our savior and prepare for our celebration of his resurrection.

This year, this blog will one again offer daily reflections for the Easter season. For fifty days, starting tomorrow, we will bring daily reflections written by a group of authors, clergy and lay, many of whom write for Grow Christians. You can visit the blog and you can also sign up to receive daily emails.

Perhaps today or tomorrow you’ll share this blog with your friends. Let us encourage one another to bask in the glow of resurrection light for the full fifty days of Eastertide.

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