Our Journey into the Ordinary

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Well, we’ve arrived. Fifty days (or actually a few more) after we first encountered the empty tomb; fifty days of thoughts, reflections, images, questions; fifty days of the reality that the exuberance of Easter Day does give way to the day in and day out of ordinary life – all which ask us to engage Easter as more than one day in the course of our year, but truly a way that changes us as we live into the great miracle and mystery of the Resurrection, day in and day out.

Thank you for journeying with us and for reading and sharing reflections. Hopefully, we’ll be back next year. And on occasion, posts will appear during the year so you know we’re still here. Many of the contributors have blogs and regularly write in other forums, so follow their posts in those forums to continue your reading relationship with them.

We now enter into the season of the year called Ordinary Time. We often make a great effort to say, “It’s called ordinary after ordinal, the use of numbers for the Sundays, not because it’s ordinary.” But why not both? After all, life is often ordinary. We get up, make our coffee, do what needs to be done for the day, return home, rest, and do it all again. Ordinary mortars the big moments of our life together into a whole. Jesus did some of his most amazing teaching while doing quite ordinary things like eating, walking, even spitting. Jesus’ ministry was actually quite ordinary as he was with people, day in and day out. The extraordinary events of Holy Week and Easter gave new meaning to the ordinary – for Jesus and for us.

The Christian year moves us forward and around in the magic of our ordinary lives. Our lives change for better and for worse; grief and joy move through our lives; exciting and boring things happen. Sacred seasons come and go. Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, and Easter have come and gone, and they will come again. Our lives will be different, maybe in small ways, maybe in significant ways, when we sing the seasonal Easter hymns, pray the prayers, and gather again for the next fifty days of fabulous. But in those days, we will live, we will be with Jesus on our journeys of faith. Some moments will be extraordinary, and many will be ordinary.  God will be with us, journeying with us through them all. Day in and day out.

For that, we give thanks. Amen. Alleluia!



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