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“While they were still puzzling over this….”

Unexplained phenomena. Mystery. New ideas. Problems. Empty tomb.

We puzzle over these things. They make us ponder, wonder, worry. We find ourselves mulling over in our mind every possible solution or answer, any cause and effect that will calm the frantic search for an answer state-of-mind. It is not a panicked mind, but it is not a settled mind either. Active, alert, perplexed, and occupied. Puzzled.

What an interesting response these women had to the absence of the body in the tomb. Puzzling implies that the situation they face makes no sense but must have an explainable outcome. They stayed engaged. When one is befuddled, perplexed, baffled, or mystified, there remains an openness of heart and mind to know more, to be shown more, and to await clarity. It is a spiritual posture. It is a state of discernment.

I chose JB Phillip’s translation of this passage primarily because of the word puzzling in the story. It captured my imagination and opened a new meaning for me about resurrection life. Perhaps that is true for you also.

Spend time today in an intentional posture of puzzling. Wonder and search. Mull over all the possibilities. Remain open to mystery and meaning and revelation. Engage in the holy work of puzzling as discernment.

Prayer: Gracious God, guide me in my puzzling faith. Give me an inquiring and discerning heart, the courage to will and to persevere, a spirit to know and to love you, and the gift of joy and wonder in all your works. Amen. Alleluia.

(Book of Alternative Services, Anglican Church of Canada. 1985. p 160. Adapted)

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