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The blessing of becoming what we believe lets the resurrection of Jesus transform our lives into being Christ’s living presence now. When we accept resurrection into our lives, we are united to divine mystery. Divine mystery integrates, guides, directs, and shapes us. We live as ones now formed and informed by living hope, by infinite grace.

Trust and belief in eternity do not cheapen or diminish the lifespan we have on earth as ones created in God’s image. Eternal life makes this earthly life, this physical plane and its measure of days, more meaningful. Life becomes infused with joy and grace. The resurrection assures a future about which we no longer need worry, freeing us to embrace and engage in the gift of life now: this moment, this day, here in this body, in this instrument of incarnation, with this heart, these eyes, these feet, these hands, this mind. When what is to come is sure, what is now can be deeply embraced. We breathe into this moment, this day, with a fullness of presence.

“Do not be anxious about your life…” (Matthew 6:25). This is an important teaching of Jesus’s to recall. Worry and anxiety about the future rob us of the gift of the day and God’s generous presence and care for us at this moment. When the future is secured, living presently with deep roots in this day and its blessings, needs, energy, challenges, revelations, lessons, connections, gifts, and responsibilities is possible. The raising of Jesus from the dead and opening the gift of eternity to all who believe secures the future with bold clarity. Risen life living is to live presently present. Now.

Alive. Resurrection makes us alive now. Awake. Attentive. Open. Free. Now.

Try with prayerful intention to live this faithfully today on day 46.

How does being present to the present open you to the gifts of eternal life in Christ now?

Prayer: Heavenly One, give us this day. Thank you for the gift of resurrection. Open me to mystery; deepen my trust in you. Knowing that life in the next is assured, may I live open to the heavenly here and now. Amen. Alleluia.

Photo: Zachary Keimig on Unsplash

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