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“He stooped down and saw the linen clothes lying there all by themselves.” Luke 24:12

Peter bent down to look inside the tomb after his run. Bowing down, he peered inside to see if the women’s story was true—that the body was gone. His first glance inside verified that the tomb was empty. All that he saw was the lonely linen burial cloth that had been used to wrap the body.

No body, no Jesus, no angels. Nothing but linens – “lying there all by themselves.”

If the body had been stolen, wouldn’t they have taken the clothes too? Yet they remained.

Laundry. The tomb held the clothes. Clothes without a body. Was the cloth in the tomb enough? Did the burial clothes without the body provide enough to provoke the possibility that resurrection be considered?

Where was he? Where did Jesus’s body go?

Next time you fold clothes, or fold a towel, remember in your task the linens lying in the tomb and the promise, questions, and wonder they hold.

Prayer: Holy One, you reveal resurrection in ways that are, at times, hard to understand. Give me a believer’s heart that I may see eternity in the symbols of my daily life and tasks. Amen. Alleluia.

Photo: FreeBibleimages

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