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“…and told all this to the eleven and the others who were with them.” Luke 24:9

Telling the story to those who need to know.

The women turned their back on the tomb and went to tell the apostles and their companions about what had happened. They went to share the news about Jesus with those who knew and loved him. The eleven.

These were the apostles, the ones whom Jesus had chosen as his community, his companions. They were his inner circle. They had listened to his invitation to follow, leaving the life they knew and accompanying him in his travels, teaching, and ministry. Jesus had changed their lives.

The reception of this news from the women this first day of the week would radically change their lives again.

Simon (whom Jesus named Peter), Andrew, James (the greater) son of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James-son of Alphaeus, Simon, Jude. These were the eleven. These were the faithful disciples of Jesus, his friends now in grief and terror after such a horrific week in Jerusalem, with Jesus’s arrest, crucifixion, and death. This was his closest circle, who now, in loss, were bound closer to one another. Because of their association with Jesus, they were also in danger with the authorities. Reeling from the betrayal of Jesus by one of their own—Judas—as well as the brutality of the Roman execution and its intentional message of control, authority, and power, they were a circle connected in shared fear, bewilderment, deep grief, loss, and uncertainty.

How would the women’s story be received in this emotional climate and context? Considering all the trauma the disciples had most recently experienced, what did the words of the women add to their experience that morning?

How can truth be heard when hearts and lives are shattered? What do we hear when fear seems to claim the day?

Spend time in prayer today recalling what you require in your heart and life to hear and receive news of the impossible made possible. Set the intention to create space inside yourself for the deep reception of Good News that can lift you out of death.

Prayer: Create in me an open heart, O God. Calm my fears and doubts, that I may trust your truth, grace, and gift of new life given in Jesus. Amen. Alleluia.

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