Video: Steve Earle, “Jerusalem”

Starting today, we’ll be running weekly music videos that connect—sometimes directly, sometimes more abstractly—to the Good Book Club readings from Acts. First up is “Jerusalem” by Steve Earle, inspired by the scene of Jerusalem described in Monday’s post.

Reflect: How does the picture of a strife-filled early Jerusalem found in Acts affect the way you hear Earle’s message? Does it offer hope?

Can you recall a strife-filled moment in your own life, in which you found hope?

2 thoughts on “Video: Steve Earle, “Jerusalem”

  1. Loretta Russell Hoffmann

    Please with all the beautiful music that has been written, this is not acceptable.

  2. Millie Ericson

    Gives “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” a whole new dimension, for me. I can picture a peace agreement between Muslims, Jews and Christians being signed in Jerusalem and the lion truly laying down with the lamb in peaceful accord!

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