The rock

May 11, 2023
50 Days
Peter was an enthusiastic and, at times, impetuous follower of Jesus. A few stories in the gospels reveal his boyish eagerness that, in some instances, might also indicate he had impulse control issues. Peter is a delightfully human apostle who tries hard to please Jesus. He no doubt held Jesus’s deep affection. Peter lived largely and felt deeply. Here are two examples of his puppy-like disciple energy – his “get up and run” personality. Peter, James, and John accompany Jesus up a hillside to pray. They get sleepy as Jesus prays, but upon waking, see that he is dazzling white and joined in conversation with Moses and Elijah. Peter exclaimed how wonderful the moment was and that they should mark it by building shelters for the three holy ones. Let’s make a monument of this momentous moment! Something we can come back to and remember it! As he shared his...
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