May 28, 2023
50 Days
Filled with the Holy Spirit. Speak in different languages. Proclaim the message. Pentecost has come. Day 50. As ones who share in the Risen Life of Christ, today we receive the divine energy to accomplish the work. As with the apostles on that day, we, too, receive the Holy Spirit, speak words that will be understood and are empowered to proclaim God’s good news.   The Holy Spirit sent, given, and received in Pentecost reveals some very important things about the nature of God and the nature of our Risen Life from here onward. God is in us through the Spirit. We are filled. Fueled. Infused. Clothed. Empowered. Connected. Charged. Holy divine energy is given and fills us. As with God and Jesus, this is eternal. It has no limit. It is always renewable. It lasts forever. The Holy Spirit doesn’t run out. It is never removed once bestowed. It is an everlasting flow of energy....
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